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My Guitar SongbookWelcome to My Guitar Songbook - the place where I store my collection of guitar songs, licks, favorite websites, online lesson links and other guitar related stuff.

Navigate the site using the above 'Menu', and 'Search field' to help find specific content fast and easy. Tap the ' Preview Song ' icon to preview a Song. Click a 'Title' to view Song Details. Select an 'Artist' to display all their compositions or choose a 'Genre' to show songs included in that category.

The Songs and Licks have been transcribed from old handwritten notes collected and compiled over the years or gathered from talented online teachers. The songs are broken down into their various parts (Timing, Intro, Verse, Chorus etc.). The Tab and Notation files are my own work and represent my interpretation of the songs. Tab files with references to any artist are not meant to be actual transcriptions of copyrighted material. The audio files, included for reference, are gathered from my personal music library or extracted from websites offering free guitar lessons. A pdf link is also available to download or print the compositions.

For superb lessons, original videos and tabs etc. be sure to check out the many websites and Resources mentioned throughout this site.

For more information see About Us & Disclaimer.

Recently Added Songs
Title:   Preview: Love Me Tender (Fingerstyle)  Love Me Tender (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   Nicola Mandorino
Genre:   Pop
Date:   Added: 11/29/2020 [ willc ]
Title:   Preview: Red River Valley (Fingerstyle)  Red River Valley (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   Unknown
Genre:   Folk
Date:   Added: 11/23/2020 [ willc ]
Title:   Preview: Give Peace a Chance (Fingerstyle)  Give Peace a Chance (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   Helmut Bickel
Genre:   Rock
Date:   Added: 11/20/2020 [ willc ]
Title:   Preview: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere  You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Artist:   Bob Dylan
Genre:   Folk
Date:   Added: 11/10/2020 [ BigGreenC ]
Title:   Preview: Unchained Melody  Unchained Melody
Artist:   Rob Smith
Genre:   Pop
Date:   Added: 11/8/2020 [ willc ]
Recently Added Licks
Title:   Preview: 6ths - A Powerful Way to Play Melodically  6ths - A Powerful Way to Play Melodically
Artist:   Robert Renman
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Added: 5/10/2019 [ willc ]
Title:   Preview: Acoustic Blues Groove in E  Acoustic Blues Groove in E
Artist:   Robert Renman
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Added: 9/16/2017 [ willc ]
Title:   Preview: Surf Guitar Lick  Surf Guitar Lick
Artist:   Jody Worrell
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Added: 9/15/2017 [ willc ]
Title:   Preview: Slow Blues Solo Podcast 121  Slow Blues Solo Podcast 121
Artist:   John W Tuggle
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Updated: 12/30/2019 [ willc ]
Title:   Preview: Dirty Blues in E Podcast 119  Dirty Blues in E Podcast 119
Artist:   John W Tuggle
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Added: 6/15/2017 [ willc ]